Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tour of Neverland - Glimpses of private and shared moments

Or should I say - as private as those moments can be when someone is there with a camera...

Enjoy the tour!




See you soon! 


  1. NICE , like the one with the pinata , love the way Paris hangs on to Michael , that girl loves her daddy , had not seen that pic before

    1. Hi Yuks!
      Nice to see you here. I was starting to feel a little lonely in a rather pathetic way... :)

      Yes, Paris seems glued to him in so many pictures. There is no doubt they had a special relationship, daddy Michael and his little baby girl.

      The pictures was taken in the kitchen and shows an area I cannot remember ever having seen in a picture before. That is the reason why I included it.

  2. thanks so much for this pictures Enola they are beautiful...Many I never saw before...

    I agree..Paris was definitely a "daddy's girl" so sweet...to this day you can tell she still misses her daddy!

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by, Nancy. I am glad I could contribute with a few pictures that were new to you.

      Yes, she misses her daddy - as I am sure Prince and Blanket do too.
      A daddy like that can never be forgotten.

  3. It took me a while to realize I missed this segment.

    The photos are great...many of my favorites. And several that I haven't seen before.

    (What's with the different colored socks on Michael in 3 of the photos?)

    1. The different colored socks?
      Well, that is just Michael being Michael, I guess. :)

  4. Yellow and white on the ferris wheel...
    Yellow and orange sitting at the piano...
    Yellow and white sitting outside on the bench.

    Thing is, I've always thought those pictures were taken on the same day, and that his shirt looked magenta or blue depending on a filter used by the photographer. So it looks to me like someone filled in the colors on the socks.

    1. Hi Helen,

      You made me do some research to solve "sock-gate".
      I do not know if the pictures were shot on the same day in 1993, but chances are they were (since Michael was not so easy to get hold of for something like this) and that Michael just changed his shirt - and socks - at some point.
      I do not know why anyone (apart from perhaps a fan with a sense of humor) would fiddle with the color on the socks and from what I can tell from studying the pictures, no one did - and if if was done anyway by someone with outstanding talent, someone professional, I think Michael must have agreed to it.
      If you take a look at the photographer's website (Harry Benson), you will see that Michael is wearing the non-matching socks. No photographer would put edited original pictures on his own webpage unless it was this way there supposed to look, unless it was agreed upon. So I strongly belive Michael wore different socks.

      Until I notied something funny, that is...
      In the picture, where Michael is sitting on the swing (see above) both of his socks are white, which is "wrong."
      Now check the identical picture on Benson's web page...
      Yes, one of his socks is yellow as it is supposed to be.

      So, could it be that a fan or someone else fiddled with the swing picture, which I have posted on this blog or are all of Benson's pictures edited?

      I put my money on the first option.

    2. Sorry, I forgot to post the link:


  5. Thanks E for researching this and posting the link!
    The swing picture... I can barely see the yellow sock with the way in which that foot, behind the other one, tends to blend in with the light and shadow on the mulch.
    Your original response holds... Michael being Michael... a manifestation of his playfulness.
    The reason I suspected filtering being behind the change from blue to magenta (shirt) is that I have had sunglasses that have that exact effect on those colors. (A source of endless fascination to me whenever I've worn them.)
    The orange sock only shows up in the photos with the magenta shirt. I've seen lenses change yellow to white, but not orange.
    (Are you laughing at me Michael? Pleased with what you've instigated?)(heehee)

    Thanks for your patience E with my picky observations and meanderings!

    1. You are welcome, Helen!
      I actually enjoyed studying Michael's socks. :)