Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wanna see my llama?

From Melissa Gilbert's memoirs "A Prairie Tale."

Melissa Gilbert, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy and Liza Minnelli are dining at Spago, Wolfgang Puck’s pizzeria...

"Then Michael Jackson walked in. He came straight to our table and sat down just as dinner was served. Wolfgang kept sending over food, and everyone talked – except for Michael Jackson. Other than his kiss-kiss with Liza, he didn’t say a word. Nothing.

We finished dinner and were nearly through dessert when we began talking about what to do next and where we should go. Ideas were tossed around. All the options were nixed and everyone ran out of ideas at the same time. The table fell silent. And that’s when Michael finally spoke the only words he would say the entire evening.

“You can come to my house,” he said. “I got a llama.”

And we all know what he was called...
So, let's have a look at Louie and some of Michael's other furry, scaly and feathery friends, because we surely would have taken him up on his offer, right?


Thanks for showing us around, Michael!


  1. It says something about a man who loves kids and animals -- a gentleness that unfortunately not everyone has.
    The pictures are great.
    Bubbles always intrigued me -- as a kid, I wanted a pet chimp. Of course, now I know that's not the best idea, but as a kid it seemed so cool.

    1. I find men, who like both animals and kids, absolutely irresistable!
      And Michael... You know, how I feel about him! :)

      As a teenager, I thought Bubbles was cool too, but I have to say that as I grew older and a bit wiser (I said a bit), my opinion has changed. Chimps - along with a wide range of other animals - are not meant to be pets (or in captivity of any kind in the first place.)
      But that's another discussion...

      I still get a little soft inside when I see Michael holding Bubbles as if he were a baby. You can just see what he is really longing for... Sigh...

  2. I will come over and see your Lama Michael ...:)

    1. I would have said yes in a heartbeat!

  3. YG I agree... I will go to your house to see your lama...
    Beautiful pictures..He was such a wonderful human being inside and out...his love of animals and children..shows just a small part of his compassion...

    1. "...just a small part of his compassion..."



  4. It never fails to flip me out to see the photo from Leave Me Alone where Michael has Muscles wrapped around him and he's holding Bubbles. The chimp seems oblivious to the huge boa.

    Reminds me of The Peaceable Kingdom. Another piece of Michael's fantasy world.

    Love the photo of Michael with his elephant.
    Nice collection of pictures.

    1. Yes, seeing a chimp being so comfortable around such a huge monster, which could easily kill and swallow it, is quite impressive.
      Michael must have done something right with his animals.