Monday, December 3, 2012

Michael at the Grévin Museum, April 1997

After meeting the sculptor twice at the Grévin Museum between 1996 and 1997, Michael Jackson came to inaugurate his wax figure on April 19th, 1997. While I am sorry to say that the wax figure is a disapointment just like the rest of the MJ figures (to this day I have not seen anyone capture Michael special "Michaelness" in wax), Michael himself is anything but a disappointment.

So, lets forget about the statue and just feast our eyes on Michael instead, shall we?


  1. Enola thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of Michael.. they are so lovely.. He always brings a smile to my face..his smile is so contagious...You can see the joy in his eyes whenever he is with children...

    I agree with you I have yet to see a wax figure that has captured Michael's likeness..(strange too..I have been to Madam Tusseaus in NYC and some of the figures are so dead on...Why not Michael...I guess there can only be one Michael...)

    1. Michael's smile is like the sun on a gray, overcast day. When it shines, it immediately changes everything.

      Yes, why can't they capture his Michaelness? It is so strange.
      I have seen wax figures too that looked so real I would not have been surprised if they had suddenly talked to me!
      But not Michael...
      He must be really unique.
      Or as you say - there can be only one!