Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sycamore Valley Ranch brochure - the missing pages

When I posted the Sycamore Valley Ranch brochure some time ago, I had a feeling some pages were missing. I mean, who would ever go to such great lengths to present their property to a potential buyer without including a spread with the floor plans and a map of the property's layout?

It turns out that I was right. Yesterday, I found both the pages containing the floor plan and the general map - and the guest house floor plan, recreation building/ wine cellar floor plan, a map of the valley as well as a picture of the brochure's leather cover.

Do I think there are more pages?
I don't know. But rest assured that I will post everything I find!


  1. Thanks for the update E. I've enjoyed this close look at Neverland very much.

    One thing that bothers me in the layout of the main house is that the formal dining room is so far from the kitchen. I found myself looking for ways to rearrange the original layout ... I'd switch the kitchen and the family room, then the living quarters on the other side of the kitchen would have to be moved to behind the kitchen to maintain direct access from the kitchen... it would make for a less graceful arial outline of the house but I think it would be more serviceable.

    1. Helen, I am so delighted that you have treated me with one of your long comments again!

      I agree - the dining room is a bit far from the kitchen. If I lived there, I am pretty sure that I would rarely use it. I would serve every meal at the round table in the kitchen and hang out in the family room for my afternoon tea. It is such an incredibly cozy kitchen.

      Still, I think the layout reflects the fact that whoever lives in the house will be so rich that they can afford a kitchen staff to carry everything back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room.

      Thank you so much for commenting!

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