Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tour of Neverland - Video tour

Most of you have probably seen this footage tons of times before, but I hope you agree that it is always worth watching one more time.


  1. I really enjoyed this again E , thanks for posting
    When they went through the house , I cannot stop myself from imagining what I would do if I lived there and how I would decorate .
    Of course it is Michael's house but if I were his wife , I believe I would do some heavy negotiating in regards to what all would be in the house .
    My god he was a clutterbug , but I love him , yes I do , very much so ......

  2. Can't get enough of this, thanks. (Part 2 blocked in my country :( ...)

    It is sad going thru the rooms, and then seeing shots that look like they were taken after everything was cleared out. Some rooms looked like things were arranged for auction or sale.

    (I am an even bigger clutter-bug!)

    1. Aw, I am sorry that part two is blocked!

      Yes, he really was a bad clutter-bug. And then there's that ridiculous marble clock... Geez Michael... LOL! :)

  3. ... (and so happy not to have to negotiate on that!)