Monday, April 22, 2013

Tour of Neverland - aerial photos

I am not entirely sure when these photos were taken, but judging by the state of the buildings and the gardens, I would say they are a few years old - or maybe I am just fooled by the fact that the photos were obviously taken in early spring where the flowers are not yet there to light up things.
I seriously don't know...
I hope you will enjoy them anyway - and in spite of the slightly depressing absense of the rides.



  1. Beautiful E...

    I am wondering if they are new photo's Enola, word around some of the forums is that they are restoring Neverland! Paris wants to spend a weekend there with her brothers and mother Debbie...Not sure how true it is though...Paris did mention she wants to restore Neverland to it's hey day again...Wouldn't that be grand!

    Again thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

    1. I read that article too. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she actually got to do that? Wow...

      I think most of the renovations that have been done over the past few years have been done by Colony Capital - and judging by the Pictures they are doing a good job. But I would love to see the animals and the rides return too. And Paris in charge of it when she is ready to do so.

  2. There are a few pictures there I have never seen before. The 3rd and 4th from the bottom... it looks a little play area??

    I think you have Neverland in your soul... you always have so many pictures to share! :)

    I agree with you ladies too... it would be wonderful to see it returned to hey day... and open to children the way Michael wanted it.

    1. Yes, a play castle of some sort. I can imagine it would have been fun to chase Michael around there - armed with a Super Soaker. :)

      Well, I don't know if I have it in my soul, but I seem to have a knack for finding new pictures.