Friday, June 28, 2013

Tell me what Neverland means to you!

You all know what Neverland means to me. Now I would like to hear what Michael's former home means to you. Yes, this is your turn to shine! 

Leave a comment, open your heart, tell me what it means to you and how you see its future - no idea is too small or too big!

If I get enough comments, I am going to turn them into something lasting - it could be a huge poster, a small book or a static page on this blog. I don't know yet, since it depends on how much love and effort you put into your comments!

So come on!
Don't be shy!

Oh, and take your time...
Your deadline is August 29th.


  1. It's tainted and is a reminder of Michael's downfalland scandal and the beginning of the end of his career and happiness.

  2. To me it is a very sad place that should have remained Michael's refuge and safe haven, but was 'stolen' from him. What he created there was magical and represented all the good that was Michael and all that life should have been for him.
    I am hoping that Paris gets to restore it as she has indicated she plans to do as soon as she reaches adulthood. It would be wonderful for Neverland to stay in the hands of Michael's children and again become a place where needy or sick children can once again experience the magic that Michael created.