Friday, August 16, 2013

Neverland returned to pristine condition

It is hardly a secret that Michael felt Neverland lost its innocent magic after it was raided - or raped if you like - by the police. Consequently, when Michael left to never return after he was acquitted of all charges in 2005, Neverland was pretty much left to its own devices.

And slowly but surely, the beautiful place fell into disrepair...
You have probably seen the pictures and felt a sting in your heart as you did so.
But then, in 2010, something happened...


  1. Hi Elona, Wow! these are beautilful pictures.
    I am so glad that finally I found someone sharing one of my passion which is "Neverland". I spent thousands of hours over the past couple of years trying to find information about neverland and his history (from William Bones until today).
    I started to be curious and interested in Neverland when I saw Michael interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1992.

    I have to congratulate you because you are finding rare information and pictures.

    I never had the chance to go to Neverland. I would love to visit it and appreciate the beauty of this estate. Did you have the chance to visit neverland?

    PS: I am the one that asked you yesterday if you had pictures of the main house when it was under construction. I agree with you, probably the only way to have some pictures is through William Bones himself.

    I will certainly follow your blog because you have incredible and relevant information about Neverland.


    1. Hello Pascal!
      I am glad you like the pictures because if it were not for you, I would not have found them. You see, you made me do a quick search for construction pictures last night, and although I did not find what I was searching for originally - I found these pictures.
      And for any Neverland afficionado, seeing the place look beautiful and well-maintained, is definitely not too bad either.

      (I am not done looking for the pictures you were asking for, but I have to say that my hopes are not high.)

      I never had a chance to go to Neverland, but I have promised myself I will one day. Maybe I'll see you there? :)

      Thank you for all your kind words. It is a true labour of love to find new information - and even more so when I know I can make someone happy.

      Thank you so much.


  2. very nice , I hope the kids move back there , I want the " Michael " sparkle back in there , with maybe less clutter :)

    1. *folds arms across chest*

      What do you mean clutter?
      I did not see any clutter when Michael lived there...



  3. I have the chills, sitting in a corner of the lunch room at work, looking at these photos, fighting tears.
    So E, what is behind the restorations? The estate? I hope Paris gets her dream. I would love to know it was lived in again by Michael's children (with or without 'clutter'!).

    1. I think Colony Capital is behind the restorations. At least this is what Tom Barrack (of Colony Capital) stated a few years ago:

      "Our plans have been to work to restore it to its original greatness. The place is amazing. It has not only the beautiful spirit and softness of Michael, but a legacy of a thousand years of Indian culture that had transacted upon it. We have just been restoring it, renovating it. We have not really wanted to do anything commercial with it. The estate of Michael Jackson-they have done a great job in managing the estate. We are kind of waiting for them to decide what really they would like to do with us and with it. We are just being good stewards of a very special place."

      The estate owns 87,5% of the Neverland shares, so I cannot completely rule out that they have had a hand in the renovations as well.

      I am keeping my fingers crossed for Paris too. Maybe one day, her dreams will come true.

  4. It is nice to see that someone / anyone was interested in returning Neverland to it's former self. Although I try to keep by nose out of what the children are doing, we all know how Pairs wants to go back there... where she had the best of times with her daddy - I hope too when she gets well that she will find a way to make it happen.

    1. Yes, it does not matter who is in charge of maintenance/renovations - as long as someone is. That is the main thing.

      Michael was the center of her universe. She has lost that guiding force in her life. Hopefully she will find it inside of herself - and when she does I hope she will be strong enough to go back to the place, which I am sure holds some of her happiest memories of her daddy.

      Poor girl...
      I wish her the very best.

  5. These photos are priceless! Thank you so much for posting them.

    much love

  6. thank you for the very nice pictures, I LOVE NEVERLAND SO MUCH (*-*)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing Michael's Neverland Ranch with us. Since he passed I have had a longing in my heart to see his feel his spirit there...where he walked,talked, laughed and danced...even though it was violated, and never was the same again for Michael. I live in Illinois, and I don't see me getting to ever have the blessing of actually stepping foot on Michael's property.I know it was not a coincidence that I found you today...God works in mysterious ways, and He has blessed me with viewing the inner circle of Michael's home through your efforts. God bless you for your kindness:)

    1. Aaaaawww...
      Thank you, sweetie!
      I am so happy that I could give you a glimpse of his private paradise.