Sunday, August 25, 2013

The last Christmas at Neverland

On December 17, 2004 Michael opened the gates of Neverland Ranch for a Christmas Party for 200 unprivileged children and their families.

The first video shows Michael Jackson meeting with children and their families on the bridge in front of the mansion. As far as I can tell Michael greets them by saying: “From Prince, Paris, Blanket and myself: Welcome to Neverland, merry Christmas and have a wonderful day”.

The second video shows the children playing in the arcade, riding the train to the theater and amusement park, and going on rides.

A note just to put things into perspective...
This happened during pre-trial and just two weeks earlier the Santa Barbara Police had come back for a second search of Neverland and asked Michael for a saliva sample for DNA testing.

I am amazed he had the strength to do this.


  1. Remarkable indeed... I'm sure it gave him strength to see children enjoying Neverland. (Bittersweet to see this)

  2. O M G the second time this site opened (on Kindle) I am able to play videos... sobbing my heart out thru the first...then from nowhere played fantastic video made to 'Slave to the Rhythm' (eat this Justin Bieber!!!)... was happy this quelled my sobs... THEN... I didn't expect to be sobbing again on the train ride... OMG like Michael's last ride on the train!! So emotional! Toward the end I expected the train (with me aboard it seemed) to rise up off the tracks and soar above the tree tops!

    And the page-by-page look at the carousel horses/inscriptions... this is such powerful stuff here. Thank goodness it's Sunday and I have time to unclog my sinuses so I can breath and finally go get my (very late) breakfast.

    Completely wiped out by this... and I can't believe it... still sobbing... good thing I live alone!

    I sure hope this comment gets saved so you'll know the impact this has had on me! (Love to you E)

    1. Oh Helen, I wish Kindle would be nice to you all the time and give you full access to Neverland.
      You sound as if the second time took you on quite a roller coaster ride... And just where did "Slave To The Rhythm" come in? It is not even on my blog! Your Kindle must have short circuited or something. Or maybe it thought it was Happy Hour? :)

      Yeah, the carousel is very special. The inscription on Michael's horse gave me a huge lump in my throat every time I read it. I am so sad the Estate does not keep the carousel safe somewhere. It was such a personal gift for Michael. So much of his spirit and the spirit of Neverland went into it...

      I have missed your long comments. I could just see the train soar above the tree tops, fly past the boy on the crecent moon and the disappear into the night on its way to the second star to the right...

      I love you too, Helen.

  3. He is so beautiful...his heart is so pure...the light of God radiating from him...a messenger of truth sent from God...who went back home. Thank you for these glimpses into Michael's personal life... he is genuine, and real, and so loving toward everyone. He is such a treasure, on stage and off. I never met him, but yet I have come to know who he is, and I refer to him in the present tense because I believe that his love is still so very near to us, even though he has passed from this life, he did not cease to be who he the presence of God...he is more alive than he ever was:)
    God bless you as He leads you and thank you for being a blessing:)

    1. Dear anonymous,
      I know exactly what you mean.
      I refer to him in the present tense too, because that is what he is... Present. Not in the flesh, but as a feeling inside, as a constant source of love, consolation, hope and escapism. I simply feel him. Every day...
      So in this sense, he is very alive to me.

      Thank you a thousand times for your kindness.
      Keeping Neverland and Michael alive is both a calling, a labor of love - and a blessing.

  4. I believe that he didn't actually stay at Neverland for these little events after the search, per his vow to never stay at the ranch again. From what I've heard, he either stayed in one of the guest houses or in a hotel near by. He wanted to do this for the children, because it he knew that at least for this, it wasn't about him.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Yes, it is well known that Michael never wanted to live in the main hourse again after the raid.
      Consequently he opted to stay in the guest house during the trial and to generally avoid Neverland whenever he could.
      I think this makes it even more amazing that he would actually want to host an event there.