Sunday, September 29, 2013

Before Neverland... There was Caribou Ranch

"You can just see Neverland happening," a good friend of mine said...
And yeah... She's right, because just outside Nederland, Colorado, near Boulder and Denver, Caribou Ranch sits serenely at 8,500 feet in a private valley surrounded by alpine peaks. It is stunning, it is peaceful, it is a refuge…and there is definitely music in the air.

In the late 1960s, owner Jim Guercio was a young musician and entrepreneur in the entertainment business. He was looking at ranches throughout the West where he could build a music studio. In 1971, Jim purchased the Caribou Ranch with a vision to transform the recording industry. Guercio wanted a place where he could live and where he could provide lodging, recreational facilities and a state of the art recording studio for producing records and hosting the biggest names in rock and roll – a place where artistry would flourish and history could be made. And that is exactly what he created.

For the next decade, legends in the music business came to work, to play, to ignite their creative process, and to make records, including Michael Jackson, who was there during the production of Thriller.

We all know what happened in regard to Thriller, but I am just wondering if he also found an inspirational seed of a different kind at Caribou Ranch? An idea of how he wanted his future home to be?

I think so.


Friday, September 27, 2013

Enola's favorite moments

Copenhagen, August 1997...
Need I say more?

I am sorry about the poor quality of the videos and for this post not being on Neverland Ranch, but it is Friday and Michael looks so energetic, so I thought... Hey, let's have a party!

Scream / They Don't Care About Us / In The Closet
(Just to get us started... Oh, here he comes! Squeeeeee!)

Blood On the Dance Floor

Stranger In Moscow

Billie Jean

Earth Song


The Old Songs The Old-fashioned Way :)

Smooth Criminal

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Enola Lee's Neverland recommends...

Blessing for Neverland
One of my visitors, Lisa, recently invited me to take a look at her Facebook page on Neverland. I did so right away and wow... She has some really amazing photos of the animal life and fauna in and around Neverland. I asked her if I could link to her page from my links section, but sadly I never heard from her again, so instead of making a permanent link, I decided to recommend her page here instead, hoping that she will not be mad at me for doing so.

You can find her facebook page here:
- and don't forget to leave a comment there!

Friday, September 6, 2013