Friday, October 25, 2013

Tour of Neverland - The movie theatre


  1. E,

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! I never realized how large Michael's movie theater at Neverland really was! I like the smooth criminal in the background of Pinocchio scenery! How I wished I could have visited here during it's grandeur days..When it truly was Michael's escape!

    1. I was surprised by its size too - and you know how much I would have loved to see Neverland when Michael was still living there and all the rides were still in their rightful places in the amusement park... *sigh*

      Those days are gone now. And they will never come back.

  2. Beautiful photos as always E. Thank you for keeping Neverland so alive and vibrant.

  3. As I look at these priceless pictures, my heart wonders about the time, money and love that went into maintaining Michael's home. Everything looks immaculate...from his house, to the surrounding grounds...just so beautiful...nestled into the beauty of the landscape. This is a testament to the quality of his staff and their loyalty to him, knowing just how he likes for his home to he could relax and be comfortable. Can you imagine the thrill of being his personal assistant and personal maid...getting to interact with him on a daily basis from sunup to sundown? Now that would be a dream job:) It has been said that Michael was quite the prankster and his laughter was so pure...with a child's heart...that's who he is inside. Sometimes I just think about getting to sit down with him and just talk about the things we cameras... no interviews...just two friends having fellowship together. That is my "Happy Place"...when the world gets to be too heavy on my shoulders, and there ARE those days...that is one of my favorite places to go...He is such a JOY to my heart:)
    I never noticed Michael within the scene of Pinocchio, and Cinderella before. When I saw it, I couldn't help but smile because it is sweet...Michael...behind the scenes...just like him. Thank you for showing us this:) Another little treasure:) It reminds me of this truth...just because we can't SEE him, doesn't mean he isn't there:)
    You have made my day...again, dear friend. So good to be able to be in touch with you, and with others who love and appreciate this precious I do:) God keep you in His tender care this day and always:)

    1. Trust me, I can easily imagine being a staff member at Neverland as I have done so quite often. But I have to be honest - I would not last very long in a position like that. His clutter would simply drive me crazy. :)
      Consequently, in my imagination, I always end up being one of his gardeners. I am an outdoor type of person too and the garden at Neverland was and is simply breathtaking. I would have loved tending to the flowers and being able to look up and see Michael walking by so lost in his thoughts or so busy composing a song in his head that he would not know he was being watched. Seeing the private, undisturbed Michael... That would have been a dream come true for me.

      My "Happy Place" is a feeling that I get inside, when I go to bed in the evening and allow myself to get lost in Michael, his smile, his voice, his loving and caring nature... It always helps cure the blues.

      And so do you...
      I enjoy your comments tremendously and I am endlessly delighted that I am able to bring a smile to your face. It is what this is all about for me - to make people smile and feel happy when they think of Michael. To me, it is the most beautiful epitaph that I can possibly give him... A smile coming from the heart...

      Thank you.