Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tour of Neverland - Michael's private garden

Ever wondered what is behind the wall in the center of the picture?
Well, here's an ultra rare glimpse of Michael's private garden, which was only accessible through the master bathroom. As you can see, the garden had shade (very handy for someone with Vitiligo), flower beds, a small stream and what could easily be a fish pond.
I imagine Michael sitting in the shade, reading a book from his library and listening to the gentle gurgling of the water and the wind whispering in the trees above.
The pictures are from 2009, so if the recent renovations have included his private garden, I suppose it looks more colorful and appealing now.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tour of Neverland - The train stations

Main Train Station
Flamingo Island Train Station
Located very close to the stone bridge leading to the main residence.
Electric Train Station
Right inside the inner gate, hidden behind the group of trees to the right.
Train Station (by the amusement park)
Look to the left of the movie theater, where a narrow, winding path leads to the station.
Zoo Train Station

Monday, March 3, 2014

Michael's old home - Hayvenhurst, Encino

This is not Neverland, but I think it is worth taking a peek inside Michael's old home anyway.
Please note: The majority of the pictures are approximately 4 years old, so a lot may have changed since then - especially since the MJ Estate are currently doing extensive renovations there.

And as a bonus:
1601 Queens Road in West Hollywood - The Jackson family's first Los Angeles home.