Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tour of Neverland - Rooms for terminally ill children

Ever wondered what was behind those windows at the back of the movie theater?

Take a look at this:

The view from the room.

My guess is that the bed was placed over the loud speaker to make it rumble. At least that it what I think. Somehow it feels like something Michael would have done - and would have liked himself. :)


  1. He was always thinking of others and how he could help them. Love is putting the needs of others before your own...Michael lived wasn't just a word in the dictionary to him. The preciousness of his heart spoke volumes to the ones whose lives he touched. There will always be those who will appoint themselves as his "judge" but that is reserved for God alone, and I fear for those who judge him now, and did so all his life...because some day, he WILLbe vindicated and they WILL be judged with the same measure that they judged Michael.