Sunday, May 25, 2014

And now to something completely different...

Michael's 1997 tour bus! Come on and have a look inside!



  1. awesome LOL , great for the Cali trip in september!!!

  2. Hi E...

    So beautiful:) I have had a fascination with tour buses since I was a child. There is just something that thrills me about them, and to get to see Michael's bus just warmed my heart because first of all, I didn't know he had one, and then to get to virtually walk through his's like really being there... and of course my mind wanders and thinks about what it was like for him to live in it while he was on the road. Would have loved to get to travel with him and witness him getting ready before each performance:) Thanks friend:)


    1. Yes, it is a nice bus - very "Michaelish." I am not sure he used it much though. I bet he just had to have own one. :)

      I would definitely have loved to go on the road with him too.


  3. Don't know how I misses this one! Very lavish bus just like this actually a tour attraction for those visiting CA? Definitely would love to see it up close if it is.

    Thanks again E for all you do to bring everything Michael to us!