Saturday, June 28, 2014

2785 South Monte Cristo Way

When Michael moved to Las Vegas in the end of 2006, his management rented him a house at 2785 S. Monte Cristo Way. The house was huge and very opulent looking, but according to the bodyguards Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard's descriptions in their book "Remember the Time", it was only fancy on the surface. There were numerous problems with the house, which had been on the market for seven years before it was rented for Michael for $1 million for six months.
The backyard flooded every time it rained, Michael's bedroom flooded thanks to poor plumbing, the water heater blew, the breakers would flip if too many appliances were turned on at the same time etc. etc...
According to the bodyguard's it was a nightmare security wise too.
But hey, let's take a look at it anyway!


  1. Thanks for sharing, E. It feels so empty. Without Michael there, it's just a house, a very, BIG house. Love is what makes a house a home, and love is what's missing. How lonely He must have felt to never be able to go back home to Neverland... violated by hatred and jealousy. Neverland was was his heart... pure and innocent, and when his home was tainted...their hand prints all over every personal things of Michael's....betrayal and intrusion... they violated his heart...and broke it.


  2. I agree, as much as we all love Neverland and at one time it was Michaels heart...he no longer felt it was home after the raid in 2003. He felt it was tainted and as you said violated. During the trial he lived in one of the guest houses. Once the trial was over, he left Neverland sad..a place he once found as his sanctuary to be tainted by greed and evil.. When all Michael ever wanted from his home was love...

    I'm reading the BG book now and see what they meant by nightmare for security.. Thanks for sharing the photos E

    1. Hi Nancy...

      It's nice to meet you:) I can tell that Michael's heart has touched your life, like he has for so many of us. I didn't "meet" him until he passed, but in the last 5 years, I have felt such a "pull" to get to know him, and who he really was. Along the way, he has become very precious to me. I regret that it took him leaving for me to discover his "heart", and the musical genius that he is. I refer to him so much in the "present" tense, because to me, even though he has physically passed away, his love still lingers in the legacy that he left behind for us.

      I have just recently been reading about the book, and would love to get it, because I believe that his bodyguards can be trusted to tell us the truth as they encountered Michael every day of his life. We know what an amazing entertainer he was, but it would be a treasure to know what he was like off stage...trying to live as normal of a life as he possible could.

      Good to talk with you. I am thankful for E and for all the research she has done to honor Michael's legacy. Isn't it amazing how Michael's love has brought us all together?


    2. Hello ladies!

      Yes, it is very sad that Michael no longer wanted to stay at Neverland after the police raid prior to the trial. In my opinion this made him homeless for he rest of his life. You know, he never seemed to find a place to call home after that - he was always moving around and only staying in the rented houses temporarily.

      The bodyguards' book give an insight into his life like no other book before it, but I have to say that reading it is a bitter sweet experience. Still, you should definitely read it, T.

  3. Thanks E...

    I will do that:)