Thursday, June 19, 2014

The future of Enola Lee's Neverland

After long and careful deliberations, I have decided to take a step back from Enola Lee’s Neverland to give myself a little more time and space to focus on what’s important in my life.

It does not mean the blog will close. In fact, I will leave it online for all of you to enjoy - for as long as Blogger permits. I will also continue to post whatever I find newsworthy in regard to Michael’s former home but there will be no more weekly updates.

The well of new pictures and unknown facts about Neverland is slowly drying out and digging up whatever is left is simply becoming too time-consuming for me.

Questions and comments left on this blog will be answered as usual.

With love

Enola Lee

P.S. This decision will have no influence on my other blog, Stories By Enola Lee. 


  1. E,
    I totally understand! I loved all of these posts, brought me a lot of inspiration, and helped immensely with my last chapter! I don't know how you found the time to do both this and your stories.. I give you credit. during the school year when I am working..writing unfortunately gets put on the back burner, unless inspiration hits so hard I have to find the time to get it down!...
    Thanks for this and for not taking it down!

    1. Nancy,
      I am happy that you found inspiration for your writing here.

      To tell you the truth,I don't know how I found the time to run two blogs either, but somehow I did and it was fine as long as it was easy to dig up pictures and facts, but now I can hardly find anything that I have not already posted so it is getting too time consuming for me to keep posting so frequently. You will have to do with less posts - but hopefully some good ones, because I am still going to be sneaking around on the Internet, looking for rare Neverland goodies.

      I will never take down this blog. Trust me.

  2. Hi Enola,
    Nice to meet you, it's the first time i write on your blog, sorry for my english i'm french and i'm not very good in american/english...
    What a surprise today when i discover your article, i'm very sad because i read your blog frequently and this is the first time i write here, i have open a Google account today to speak with you, i don't want to write as an anonymous!
    I really appreciate your blog since a long time and i was used to reading your blog for discover new pictures and informations about Neverland Valley.
    My dream is like you to visit Neverland one day and since a long time i want also write in french a website about this fantastic house for french fans.
    You give me the power to write my blog in a few time, thank you for your love of Michael and Neverland.
    I feel you're a sensitive person like me and your work on this blog is amazing because you offered frequently rare pictures i have never see before on the net.
    Please don't close your blog in the future and please sometimes put some rare pictures for followers.
    See you later, take care of you and sorry for my english, it's very "bad"^^
    David from France

    1. Hello David!
      Your English is fine, don't worry.
      Actually English is not my native language either. I am Danish.
      So we are both struggling here. :)

      Yes, I saw you pop up on my Google+ profile - thank you for chosing not to be anonymous. It is always nice to know who one is talking to.

      I am happy you like this blog and that I have helped you with some inspiration for your own blog. That really means a lot to me.

      I promise that I will never close this blog and I am going to keep on posting too, but just not as frequently as before - so don't go away. I am still going to be here and whenever I find something good, I am going to share it with you.

      Looking forward to hearing from you again!


  3. Thank you for all !! I wish you the best !!
    Agnes from France

    1. Hello Agnes!
      You sound as if your are saying goodbye - you don't have to. I am still going to be here. :)

      I am just going to post less frequently, but rest assured that whenever I stumble across something good, I am going to share it with you.

      Best wishes to you too!


  4. Hello Enola! No... sniff sniff!
    I wrote a couple of times on your blog however I was visiting it every week for the past 3 years.
    The first time I saw your blog I was so excited because I was finally finding someone curious to know everything about Michael's paradise.
    You posted incredible pictures about Neverland and I really appreciated.
    Last week again, I went through some pictures you posted in 2012... It's always a pleasure!

    I will always remember when you were able to find pictures of Neverland under construction... Wow! I was impressed!

    Enola, I wish you the best. I will continue to go on your blog every week to revisit your blog. What can I do, I have to!
    Honestly, I feel sad that you are taking a step back but you have to put your energy on your priorities.

    If you find something special about Neverland. Please put it on the blog because we will be there!

    Pascal from Montreal (Canada)
    I wish you the best

    1. Hello Pascal,
      Don't be sad. Enola Lee's Neverland is going to be here for as long as Blogger permits and I am going to post new material too - just not as frequently as before. You see, I'd rather give you a few but really good pictures or articles than a lot of low quality stuff. So do stick around. This blog is by no means dead.

      Yes, I remember you popping up here when I posted the construction pictures. It was quite a scoop too. Definitely not something you see every day.

      I am going to be on the lookout for articles now that the fifth anniversary of Michael's death is approaching. Maybe just maybe, some news crew will be allowed on the property to take pictures. There's already been one article - but no pictures. You can read it here, if you have not already read it:

      I hope you will stick around!

      Best wishes


  5. Well... opening this certainly has not dried up the well of my own tears at page 80 of the bodyguard's book.
    I'm not surprised.... the last entry paved the way for this one for sure. I wish I could see into the future to a time when Paris is an adult and hopefully fulfilling her wish to revitalize and restore Neverland.
    And find you reporting on that.

    Hoping for frequent news about Neverland that will result in future notices about blog entries.

    I'm trying to smile Michael, thu my tears...honest I am.

    1. Hello Helen,
      It's been a long time since I've seen you here so I wish I had happier tidings, but at least this is not the end.