Thursday, July 31, 2014

Neverland Ranch for sale

Statement from the Michael Jackson Estate regarding the sale of Neverland:

"You will soon be reading news reports stating that Colony Capital has decided to sell Neverland. As the property manager, they have the right to do this. The Estate has issued the following statement in response to a media request for comment:

We are saddened at the prospect of the sale of Neverland which, under the agreement negotiated during Michael's lifetime, Colony has the right to sell. The Estate will maintain Michael's family home in Encino, including its iconic recording studio there. We continue to build upon Michael's legacy as an artistic genius and humanitarian through his music and new projects such as the Michael Jackson ONE show in Las Vegas. We hope and trust that any new owners of Neverland will respect the historical importance and special nature of this wonderful property. Michael's memory lives on in the hearts of his fans worldwide.

It is also important to the Estate that Michael's fans understand that although the Estate has no right to stop or obstruct the sale, The Estate did explore a number of potential options for Neverland with Colony but zoning, financial and land use restrictions limited the alternatives and ultimately Colony made the decision to sell.

The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™"

Additional statement:

"Last night, we sent you a message from the Estate regarding Colony Capital's decision to sell Neverland. Many of you have inquired about the Estate purchasing Neverland. As you know, the Estate does not disclose the details of its business dealings but last night’s statement to the fans (not included in the comment to press) states “the Estate did explore a number of potential options for Neverland with Colony” but for the reasons stated none of those options were feasible. This sentence was included specifically for your benefit to let you know that the Estate tried to find a way to keep the sale from happening but for a variety of reasons, it was not possible.

Zack O'Malley Greenburg broke the news in Forbes shortly after we sent you the Estate's statement: He offers some further insight you might find helpful in understanding the situation.

Like you, the Estate is sad and disappointed by Colony's decision. Michael's legacy is in his music, in his humanitarian efforts, and in his spirit. The Estate hopes that whomever the new owners may turn out to be, that they will continue to appreciate the property not only for its beauty but for its historical and cultural legacy as well.

The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™


This is the end of a saga. You all know that Michael's former home has a special place in my heart - a fact underlined by this blog. And so, I am saddened by this of course. Still, I have to say this: Neverland has been deserted for nine years by now. At first it was slowly rotting away, but in the course of the last few years it has been beautifully restored and the truth is that I'd much rather see it become someone's home, a place once again filled with laughter and life, rather than just sitting there in the rolling hills of the Santa Ynez Valley in a kind of limbo waiting for...who knows what...

Now, I am perfectly aware that not all of you will agree with me - if any - but please keep comments cordial.

I will try to update this post to the best of my abilities when the news reports starts popping up, so stay tuned. 

Enola Lee




  1. It is very sad news indeed. I hoped that at some point it would have been kept for the children.

    I know this was Michael's sanctuary even though there were so many wonderful memories... In the end he felt it was contaminated by evil....because of the raid... Which really breaks my heart...

    Like you I hope that the person that purchases this property will give it the love and care that Michael dud when he lived there!

  2. Nancy,
    I have a feeling that without the raid and that awful trial, Michael would not be where he is today - and neither would Neverland.

  3. I agree with you totally in that response... Sigh....... Still hearbreaking

  4. Neverland was an extension of Michael. It was his heart and the place he brought his children home from the hospital, to raise them. It's where he taught them right from wrong, and wrapped them up with his love... in a song, and where he gave countless children a place to forget about their pain...for just a little while. so I can't help but feel that even if they do sell Neverland... Michael's love will always remain. A love like his could never cease to exist.


    1. Very well said, T! I couldn't agree more.

      A love like his could never cease to exist.

  5. I think it's a good idea for the property to be sold and make a new beginning for someone else.

    In all honesty I can't see how the property could have successfully been turned into something else in light of everything that happened there which was the opposite of what Michael intended it to be. It's been tarnished beyond repair in respect to Michael and his life there and the events that unfolded.

    It's best to make the separation and this may be a stretch but without Neverland attached to Michael his reputation may take a turn for the better, without the association of Neverland which in turn brings up the allegations. The allegations would always be the elephant in the room no matter how well intentioned the renovation would have been for example a memorial to MJ or a kids hospital etc.

    it's better this way and I think Michael would be ok with it, besides he never wanted to live there again because of what happened he had enough.

    1. Yeah, it is time to let go of Neverland.
      Your elephant in the room theory is very interesting. I never thought of it like this - but you're right. No matter how well intended a memorial, a tourist attraction or whatever might be, the elephant would always be there. And - now that I think about it - I think it would attract a lot of unwanted attention from all kinds of...uh...unwanted people.

    2. Exactly!!!

      It's time to set Michael free in a sense. I couldn't be more relieved about this, and I hope most fans will see it this way as well.