Saturday, August 30, 2014

Carousel misinformation

Just like carousel rides sometimes make people feel dizzy, so does the sheer amount of information on the Internet. However, when riding a carousel you can get off at some point but the Internet's stream of information never ends and so there's a risk that at some point we lose grip of the truth.
This is exacly what has happened in relation to the story of the origins of the carousel at Neverland Ranch, a fact which Mr. Robert E. Swinson, the man behind the amusement park at Neverland Ranch, has been so kind to bring to my attention.

At some point someone made the wrong conclusions. This is what happens sometimes. Sadly the wrong conclusions were then perpetuated, making them the predominant story online.
I too contributed to spreading the misinformation - last year, on this very blog.
I am truly sad to have become part of this, but I am even more annoyed with myself for not checking the post on the carousel again after reading Mr. Swinson's book. If I had, I would have noticed right away that a certain individual mentioned in relation to the making of the carousel had absolutely nothing to do with it. But I didn't.
The reason?
I'd forgotten I'd posted it, which tells me I was right making the decision to slow down - but that is a totally different story.

I've now pulled down the post on the carousel because I do not in any way want to spread misinformation on this blog, but beware, there are still a lot of blogs and webpages that keep telling the wrong story.

So, everyone out there - remember to check and double check your sources - and if you can, always go to the main source. In this case there is only one: Rob Swinson.



  1. Thanx so much, Enola, for understanding and correcting in an expedient manner once the situation was realized! :) Rob Swinson, Michael Jackson's "Maker of Dreams"

    1. As I said, it was the least I could do.