Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pictures from May 2014

Tom Barrack, CEO of Colony Capital, at Neverland Ranch, May 2014
View of the lakes and waterfalls, May 2014

                                                                      The Train Station, May 2014

And a bonus (most likely not from 2014, but I thought it was nice):


  1. Hi E...

    I just want to go there. There is such a tug on my heart to see his Neverland, and I feel that is because a part of him will always be there...even though it was tainted by those who sought to tear him apart...a part of him will always linger...because how can you wipe out of existence... a love like his??? You can't... because His love blankets every part of the creation that was his genius. Maybe someday hate will finally realize that it turned it's back on a love that now it can never get back. Thank you for sharing E:)


  2. So Beautiful...I just want to go there. Do you know why? Because even though Michael's home was violated, a part of him...the heart of who he was, must still be there...because how can a love like his cease to exist? It can't. His love blankets everything that his creative genius was, and even though he has passed from our world physically, I feel that a part of him still lingers. If we close our minds, we close our hearts, and even though we can't see him, or touch him or feel him in a physical sense? We can still see him, touch him and feel him with our hearts...always:)

    Thank you for "taking me there" least for a little while, E:)


    1. You are welcome, T!
      I would love to go there someday too, although I have to say that with a new owner, I think there is a risk that he or she might not want us hanging around at the gate - which I totally understand. Consequently, I am have slowly started working on getting myself used to the thought of not going.

      And you know what?
      It is okay. As you say - we can touch and feel him with our hearts...always.