Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tour of Neverland - a few, new angles...

Yes, you've seen all of these statues etc. before, but still having yet another look from a different angle can be quite interesting and revealing. Look closely and you might discover something that even I was not aware of before.

The road leading to the house
One of the train stations and the bridge is visible behind the Giving Tree
The Giving Tree
A nice view of one of the lakes and the sandy beach

The waterfall seen from the bridge

Looking across the lake at the guesthouses and behind them the main residence

A playfully winding path is leading to the gazebo

The guesthouses are visible below the trees to the left

Did you notice?
Yes, there are two hunters. Until I found this last picture, I thought there was only one.


  1. Hello I posted two articles about the statues inside Neverland and The Giving Tree some days ago thanks to some of your pictures and others found on Internet and in Rob Swinson's book. If you want to take a look

    1. Hi Rachel,

      As you know, I just did. :)
      I totally love you blog! Visiting it feel like opening a treasure chest. You have so many pictures and articles I have never seen before. I am looking forward to exploring it some more - and to future post of yours.