Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tour of Neverland - Pool house interior + a few extra treats


And - since it's almost Christmas - a few extra treats:

Photo by Rachel, Onmjfootsteps.com

Photo by Rachel, Onmjfootsteps.com


  1. It's so sad to see it without the video games and decor, but at the same time I kept thinking, "You know, my living room stuff can go right there, and I can put a reading nook where the big Sega VR was." Haha. Thanks for another awesome and informative update!

  2. The two aerial views are my pictures. I took them last April during a flight over the ranch. They are less colored, I think someone colorized them but they surely are mine. You can see them, and more, here http://www.onmjfootsteps.com/archives/2014/05/21/29895764.html
    Thank you for having published them <3

    1. They are yours?! Wow... You are so lucky you got to fly over Neverland!
      I am pretty sure I didn't pick these two off your website, but I can definitely see they are the same - but as you say, these are more brightly colored.

      I'll add you as photographer right away!

  3. Yes it was a great moment...very emotional. Thank you ;)