Sunday, January 4, 2015

Michael at Neverland and Pebble Beach, CA - Part One

Dilip Mehta, a reputed freelance photographer, spent five nights with Michael Jackson at Neverland and Pebble Beach near Monterey in 1991, photographing, chatting and bonding with the pop icon like brothers over meals and drinks.
It was a rare privilege to have access to the fabled ranch and the photographer is unwilling to divulge details of their conversations - still the pictures remain:

There's more to come - so stay tuned!



  1. Thanks for the lovely pictures of Michael, E. Just what I needed today:) He makes my heart smile:)


  2. Always loved this photoshoot! Michael seems so happy and carefree! One thing for sure I commend Dilip-Mehtas for keeping his conversations with Michael private! Michael needed more people like this in his life. People he could trust! Thanks for sharing E. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photographs.

    1. Yes, Michael definitely needed a more people like this in his life, people who understood the meaning of privacy.

      I'll try to post the rest of the pictures this weekend!