Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Beautiful sales video

The ranch is in pristine shape! Absolutely breathtaking footage!
Oh, if only one was a millionaire. :)


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  2. Its so beautiful and magnificent but it breaks my heart that someone else will own it and fans will never have the chance to see it. Really have no words. Just tears :-(

  3. I would wish the the Estate would hold on to Neverland until some of the kids have become of age to make some decisions. If I had a choice I would talk to the California State Governor and request that he changes the land variances for Neverland and change it into a State National Park. Ideas to have on the property. Of course a museum of Michael's memorabilia, awards, etc. A Dance Studio for the serious dancer (lesson fee's would apply) One of two places to have a nice Lunch or Brunch, maybe even box lunches to purchase to take to eat somewhere on the grass by the water. Maybe they could film Kai Chase doing a cooking show from the kitchen. A fee could apply if you want to be there in person. You can have a few trained docents that can lead tours all around Neverland on special fan days. You could put you name in a lottery bucket and it will stay there until yours in finally picked. The lottery tickets could be sold and you could decide if the tours are 1 day or more than one day a week. Neverland definitely needs a gift shop, people would be very excited and happy to spend there money there. Also beside the dance lesson studio, a music academy for voice training would be great. These a just some ideas I had and I'm sure there is plenty more besides what I mentioned. There is another one I just thought of and that was the grazing rights for the cows. The next door neighbor or whoever used to pay to let his cattle graze on his property. Just needed to add my thoughts for Neverland. I try to think never... there has got to be a way.

  4. It's no wonder that Michael fell in love with this beautiful piece of property. And then he made it more than just property, he made it his home, where his heart resided, and his dreams came into fruition, and children who were sick were ushered into this playground of Michael's heart, and maybe for a little while, they could be kids again...in spite of their disease. Neverland is a piece of Heaven here on earth...absolutely breathtaking. Michael no longer physically resides within it's perimeter, but I really can't help but think that if you look closely, you can still see him with the eyes of your heart, and you can still hear his beautiful voice floating over the trees and mountains....as long as the sun rises every morning over Neverland, and sets again with it's golden, amber glow....fading into the still hush of twilight....He will always be there:)

  5. Sorry, E...

    The above Anonymous was from me....T:)

  6. Hi Enola!
    Since a few days the video is not available because there is Michael's music on it but i have found the video on a new link on Youtube with an another music if you want to see it again:
    I'm happy to see this video again!
    Sorry for my english i'm french^^

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you so much for alerting me to this!
      And hey - don't apologize - I'm not a native English speaker either. I'm Danish. :)